Pick-Up Services

Pick-Up Services: 100% Secure, insured, convenient & confidential!

Mansfield Shredding offers a variety of Off-site shredding services, all with one thing in common: FREE PICKUPS!!! Other shredding companies charge between $75-$150 just for showing up, but with Mansfield Shredding there is no charge for the pickup; you only pay for the boxes being shred!

  • FREE Box Pick-up* If your documents are currently being stored in boxes, this service was designed for you. It’s simple, you schedule a pickup time that is convenient for you and we’ll handle the rest: Our trained staff will come to your location and retrieve your documents, destroy them at our secure facility in Mansfield, and then issue a Certificate of Destruction for your records. We offer the same low price as our walk-in service $5.00 per Standard Box (12x10x15) and $8.00 per file box (12x10x24), other boxes/containers priced according to size.

*Free pick-ups are subject to your location/box minimum.

  • Office Containers Designed for businesses of all sizes! We will provide a 65 gallon lockable container for your office at no charge. There are no annual contracts or monthly fees. Full bins are picked up and replaced with an empty on an as needed basis; you only pay when you call to schedule a “bin swap”. Once picked up, your documents are quickly destroyed, at which time we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records. Price based on location, call for more information.
  •  Purge ContainersJust like our office container service, we will provide a 65 gallon lockable container for your home or office. There are no pick up or drop off fees. You’re given a two week grace period to purge your files into (extensions available upon request), at which time your bin will be picked up, its contents destroyed, and a Certificate of Destruction is issued and provided to you for your records. Bin price is based on your location, call for more information!

 All shredded material is recycled at Hanna Paper Recycling in Mansfield, MA.

 (NAID Certified Facility)