Mansfield Shredding Service

Mansfield Shredding is a not for profit business that offers a variety of paper shredding services for commercial and residential customers of all sizes. Our services are fully insured, bonded, HIPAA & FATCA compliant, secure, convenient and very cost-effective. Mansfield Shredding makes community involvement easy: just by using our services you help us create jobs and training programs for the challenged adult community! ALL the security, for HALF the price!

Walk-in / Drop Off / Stay & Watch Shredding Service

Convenient and secure for residential and small business. All documents are secured in a locked container until they are destroyed. A Certificate of Destruction is issued and provided to you after your documents have been destroyed and recycled. This is a very popular service because of the low cost convenient curbside service we provide! Pricing Below.

Offsite Shredding Free Pick-up

Unlike other shredding businesses, we don’t charge a pick-up fee(some restrictions apply). Other services will charge you between $75 to $150 just for picking up your documents. Our pick-up service is free (minimum charges apply). You schedule the time, we pick-up your documents and all shredding is performed at our secured facility. We offer the same low price as our walk-in service, $5.00 or $8.00 per box.

Office Containers No Contracts

Locking containers are provided at no charge, No annual contracts or monthly fees.
This is a cost-effective option for the small business owner. You only pay when you are ready for a pick-up (4 service annual minimum).
Office containers for “annual purges” – just give us a call and we will be happy to drop them off and pick them up – No Pick-up Fees(some restrictions apply)! Call for more information.

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