Moving & Real Estate

Moving soon?  Lighten the load by shredding your out-of-date documents with Mansfield Shredding. We are a cost effective non-profit organization that is passionate in protecting the identities of our customers by providing a hassle free, secure, and confidential shredding service. For just a fraction of the cost of the other guys, we provide a customized shredding plan that will suit all of your business or personal shredding needs.

  • Walk-in Drop off service:  curb-side convenience
  • Express Shredding (where you can watch!)
  • Offsite Shredding with FREE pick-up!
  • Purge Bins for one-time cleanouts
  • Office containers- contract free lockable containers for continued use in your office!

 Serving you Creates Jobs for our Challenged Adult Community!

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization we work hand in hand with our challenged adult community by providing them with on the job training, social skills, and employment opportunities; “Serving you creates jobs for our challenged adult community”. Being proactive in protecting yourself against identity theft has never been easier.

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