Walk-In Services

Walk-In Services: Ideal for residential & small businesses

Mansfield Shredding offers a couple of different shredding services for our walk in customers. All of which are 100% secure, confidential, and compliant with all Massachusetts document destruction regulations; plus, you’ll get the MSS customer service the community has grown to love.

  • Drop Off Shredding – All documents are secured in locked containers and are shred in the order they were received, always within 24 hours. Once the documents are destroyed a Certificate of Destruction is issued and provided to you for your records. This service is very popular with small businesses and residential customers because of its security, low-cost and the convenient curb side service we provide. Just pull up front, and we’ll take it from there!
    • Standard Size box  (12x10x15)        $5.00
    • File Size Box (12x10x24)                  $8.00
      (Other containers/boxes priced according to size)
  • Express Shredding – Do you have extra sensitive documents?  You can skip the line and witness your documents being destroyed immediately. There is a 10 box limit per visit for the express shred service. Although not required, we encourage you to remove any large paper clips, binder clips or three ring binders prior to arrival. These items are not suitable for the industrial shredder and are removed prior to shredding. Having it done prior to arrival will expedite your express shred. There are no appointments necessary for any of our walk-in services, just come in anytime during our regular business hours and we’ll be glad to help!
    • Standard Size box (12x10x15)        $12.00
    • File Size Box (12x10x24)                 $17.00
    • Peace of Mind                                  Priceless
      (Other containers/boxes priced according to size)

 All shredded material is recycled at Hanna Paper Recycling in Mansfield, MA.

 (NAID Certified Facility)