Together We Can Make a Difference

Mansfield Shredding Service provides local residents and companies with affordable, secure and confidential paper shredding services. But when you shred your paper here, you do far more than just protect yourself and your clients from identity theft: you support local adults with disabilities.

Mansfield Shredding is a green, non-profit organization that offers training and employment opportunities to young adults with disabilities in your community.

Here’s the catch: With your help, we can do much more!

To serve you better — and to help even more challenged adults — we need to expand our training programs. Mansfield Shredding and MIDS (Mansfield Innovative & Developmental Services, Inc.) are working together to open additional small businesses that all support the same mission of promoting workplace inclusion. The demand for our training programs has never been higher.

That’s why we are asking you, our current and future customers, and other concerned community members, to get involved by helping us take our nonprofit business – and our job and training opportunities for intellectually challenged young adults — to the next level with a generous gift.

The unemployment rate in Massachusetts amongst adults with disabilities is an astounding 67%! These are people you may know from your community, people who, with the proper training can and want to work.  Together we can make a difference!



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